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NOW Systems

Nologin Ocean Weather Systems

NOW Systems

Provider of solutions, knowledge and services for a more sustainable and profitable management of activities in the marine environment.

The oceans cover three quarters of our planet's surface and are essential for life on Earth and for human activity. On the one hand, they are an important source of food and energy. In addition, they are the scenario where maritime transport, fundamental in a modern economy, takes place. Finally, it plays a key role as a climate regulator, transporting heat towards the poles and absorbing greenhouse gases.

However, overexploitation of resources and climate change are altering the state of the ocean in an increasingly significant way, severely compromising its health. Monitoring and predicting this environment is essential for making knowledge-based decisions and moving towards sustainable and cost-effective management of the marine environment.

"A greater knowledge of our seas will promote the growth of the blue economy, both through a better knowledge of the resources it contains and a better understanding of how these can be used".

European Commission in its Marine Knowledge 2020 Communication

Referents in sea monitoring

For more than a decade, Nologin Consulting S.L. has been developing tools and services to improve the knowledge of the marine environment and to facilitate decision making based on it.

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