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Identity management not only affects security, regulatory or operational aspects but also business areas, since thanks to this type of solution, expensive processes are unified and automated.

Our Identity Management Services cover a wide range of interrelated solutions used to manage user authentication, access rights and restrictions, account profiles, passwords and other attributes required for user profile management.

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Database Solutions

Customer Infrastructure
  • System metrics: JVM, CPU, I/O, network, etc.
  • Directory/identity manager metrics: connections, caches, memory usage.
  • Data Center Management.
Identity Services
  • Processing times, response and latencies.
  • Loads and data export.
  • Telecommunications.
  • Application problems: Non-indexed searches, etc.
  • Failed, abandoned, cut-off authentications.
  • Unauthorized access.

Identity management and provisioning of services

Complete management of the different components of the identity solution

Management of workflows, templates and other elements defined and programmed in the solution

Management of users with different roles and permissions

System performance control

Platform Updates

Servicios Incluidos

Patch application

Replication Management

Index management

Service Reports

Business KPI

Installation Types

On Cloud

For greater resource scalability, you can install in the cloud.

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On Premise

For greater information security, it can be installed on premise.

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