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Managed Backup Service (BaaS)

Expect the unexpected. We plan and manage the backup of your critical information.

Get ahead of the problems. Have a good backup

We help eliminate the complexity of backup and recovery by managing your company's backups from project definition to operation.

Nologin is responsible (acquisition, deployment and maintenance) for the entire backup infrastructure.

Offered as a service with monthly billing depending on the infrastructure contracted and based on the backup capacity used. Pay only for what you use and nothing else.

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There are two kinds of people in the world - those who have had a hard drive failure, and those who will.

Managed Backup Services Use Cases

Why do you need to make regular backups?

Critical Infrastructure Data Backup

The loss of critical databases containing customer information or financial transaction data can have a catastrophic financial impact on your business - even leading to a complete closure. Because there is no one-size-fits-all approach to data protection, we work with you to customize the backup options that best suit your needs.


Support for regulatory compliance and business continuity

At Nologin we help you address the compliance and continuity requirements of clients and auditors. We offer several standard retention offerings with customizable solutions. We can also encrypt your data and keep it in the same location for quick recovery, or move it to another location to help meet your compliance and continuity goals.


Backup Strategies for Virtual Machines

The proliferation of virtual machines and the associated management complexity are creating new challenges for companies. Nologin Managed Backup Services solves this problem by using snapshots for backups. Or, you can customize backups individually if you prefer to have only specific VMs backed up.


Nologin Backup Infrastructure

  • 1

    A first level of backup in the client installations . In this way, the most recent backup copies are immediately available.

  • 2

    A second level of backup in a public cloud managed by Nologin. The backup copies with the longest retention time are stored there.

Encryption and privacy are guaranteed for:

  • Data hosted in public clouds.
  • The internal communications of the backup infrastructure

It's time for plan BaaS

Discover the phases of our service that helps you with errors and unexpected failures.


Nologin defines , in conjunction with the client, the backup system based on the amount of data to be backed up, the client's infrastructure and the applicable legal and business conditions.


It is implemented and configured the infrastructure already designed. We define policies, create backups and recovery tests that allow you to resolve unwanted situations .

24/7 Management

The backup system is managed in such a way that:

  • You always have the necessary storage capacity for the data.
  • Continuous improvement of the solution is carried out.
  • Management of backup policies.
  • You have technicians dedicated in 24/7 to the recovery and management of your data.

- Nologin Backup Infrastructure Scheme

Example of a backup system for 5Tb of data.

To make Murphy's law very difficult

Customer Infrastructure Customer requirements Nologin Backup Infrastructure Backup capacity used
Environment Front Size Backup Configuration Total Capacity Total Size Size Stored
Local Cloud

VMware Cluster 3 nodes

60 vms

  • Weekly full backup
  • Daily incremental backup
  • Possibility of restoring the last 30 days (7 days on local, rest in cloud)


23.7 TiB

12 TB

4 Tb Local + 8 Tb Cloud

Meet tomorrow's challenges with Nologin