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Managed Cybersecurity Services

Technological infrastructure administration and management services cybersecurity oriented

The key to security is anticipation

Security no longer passes only through firewalls and antivirus to defend against external threats. Even these have evolved to NGF and End-Point protections to respond to new threats. Mafias and global attacks have no border or brake when choosing target.

Similarly, internal threats have never had access to more information as IT systems increased their complexity and exposure area. Nologin offers both tools and services (SOC and CSIRT) for your security.

This service goes beyond a simple managed service, as it allows real-time diagnostics on the security of the platform, and detect possible vulnerabilities, anticipating possible risks.

A ticket system allows the customer to interact with the SOC to solve security incidents.

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WorkOnData: Take control of your security

Thanks to the Work On Data services, Nologin can provide the following added services:

  • 24x7 monitoring and operation, depending on the service contracted.
  • Access to the status of the platform at any time.
  • System Integration.
  • Ticket system for incidents.


Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is the cornerstone that collects and analyzes all the events that occur in your infrastructure. Integrated with End-Point Protection, it can guarantee an automatic response wherever an incident is detected. This service can be offered both On Site and On Premise.

Using IBM QRadar SIEM (Security information and event management), events (logs) and network flows are processed in real time in a non-intrusive way, without affecting the performance of the productive infrastructure. Thanks to the Threat Intelligence knowledge shared by IBM and other sources, events and flows can be correlated, classified, valued and responded to threats reported anywhere in the world.


Discover vulnerabilities in systems that can pose a risk, allowing them to be corrected before a security incident occurs.

Our technology allows us to use vulnerability scanners from several manufacturers (IBM QRadar Vulnerability Manager (QVM), Rapid7, Tenable Nessus, Qualys, etc.).

Vulnerability scanners can be installed on promise or in our cloud. For maximum control it is recommended to have several nodes (external, perimeter and internal) that allow to categorize the vulnerabilities and their criticality according to their accessibility.

Services Cybersecurity Managed (SIEM and Vulnerability Analysis).

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