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Managed Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity experts, proactive and always at your side

Managed Cybersecurity Services Datasheet

The key to security is anticipation

Security no longer passes only through firewalls and antivirus to defend against external threats. Even these have evolved to NGF and End-Point protections to respond to new threats. Mafias and global attacks have no border or brake when choosing target.

Similarly, internal threats have never had access to more information as IT systems increased their complexity and exposure area. Nologin offers both tools and services (SOC and CSIRT) for your security.

This service goes beyond a simple managed service, as it allows real-time diagnostics on the security of the platform, and detect possible vulnerabilities, anticipating possible risks.

A ticket system allows the customer to interact with the SOC to solve security incidents.

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Types of Managed Cybersecurity Services

Infraestructure as a Service
Network security: firewall, perimeter security, VPN, SDN
Desktops As a Service
Security Information and Event Management

SIEM as a Service

Software as a Service
Vulnerability analysis and management

Guardium Managed Datasheet

Gestión de soluciones cloud
End-Point Security Consoles
Other security solutions: software, premises and applications

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Always connected

The system can be managed in 24x7 by our Work On Data Security engineers. A ticketing system allows the customer to interact with Nologin to resolve detected incidents.

Our Managed Services

Focus your efforts on adding value to your business and not on the infrastructures that support it

Our service philosophy

Management of Public and Hybrid Cloud platforms

The cloud is as complex as it is powerful. Our experts are certified in all leading cloud computing technologies, so you don't have to be.

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Identity Management

Infrastructure built for the most demanding business needs.

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Data Center Management

Your private cloud, in the hands of experts. Simplify the management and improve the control and information that you have of your infrastructure, to have more control in the technological decision making

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