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Automates the processes of telecommunication services with MEM

MEM. Module & Entity Management

Automated provisioning platform to simplify administration

MEM centralizes access management and ensures that each user has a single recognizable identity, both in the enterprise's physical and virtual networks and in the cloud.

Software as a service, to automate the processes of registration and cancellation of new employees or customers, and their tools and applications, through a simple, secure and user-friendly interface, with customizable aesthetics.

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A single platform for managing identities






Tasks and Audits

Unified Identity Management, along with its services and applications

The platform manages identities, which usually coincide with natural persons, who are assigned a series of privileges, as well as the use of certain services and applications.

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MEM features Provisioning
MEM features Provisioning

Security Provider

Multifactor authentication for cloud and on-premise applications.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) adds a layer of protection to the login process. When accessing an account or application, users must go through additional identity verification.

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Mem features: password policy

Management of permissions and corporate policies

Using the organizations hierarchies you can reflect the reality of the organization chart of the company, and apply policies to them.

You can configure both password expiration policies, and identity/employee expiration policies and their notifications to users.

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Tasks and Audits

Control user life cycle and password expiration with periodic tasks and create as many as you need.

Searches among the records of the requests made to the platform, by date, content or exports the data for processing in other programs from Audits.

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MEM Features: Tasks

Designed by and for system administrators

MEM was born as a service provider and has evolved into a complete identity manager, which we have been using since its inception.

We use our products. Not only do we pay attention to our customers' needs, but we also experience them in order to provide you with the most useful application possible.

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Installation Types

On Cloud

For greater resource scalability, you can install in the cloud.

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On Premise

For greater information security, it can be installed on premise.

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