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Professional Cybersecurity Services

Services of design and implementation of ICT infrastructures Cybersecurity oriented

We minimize vulnerabilities in ICT systems

We evaluate the security of your company and thanks to our Service PSS (Professional Security Services) we can make possible the protection of your company before the possible attacks of Cybersquatting, Phishing or Pharming among others. We are focused on 2 differentiated areas: Internal threats (Access control) and External threats (SIEM and vulnerability analysis).

We design a platform adapted to your business needs, which can analyze thousands of malware samples daily and their impact, obtaining a vision on the threats and suggesting the necessary measures to protect your infrastructure and your company's users in an automated way.

We offer you the integration and support of the latest generation of cybersecurity solutions from different manufacturers.

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Services Cybersecurity Professionals (SIEM and Vulnerability Analysis).


Our Software

We implement identity and access control systems at software level that allow you to control and unify the management of users and customers of your company.

Identidad y SSO

Customers can manage from the application’s life cycle to the provisioning of user accounts of software as a service, provide SSO for their business applications, and increase access controls with multi-factor authentication. They can also ensure access to social networks and shared accounts.

MEM Multi Enhanced Module

MEM's own development software is designed to provide the best tools to manage the interactions among the millions of users, devices, services and online applications. We verify who you are and what you access. We secure the digital identities of people, devices and online objects. We automate the processes of new employee registrations and cancellations through a simple, safe and comfortable to use interface.

Hardware: Hardware Security Modules

An HSM is a hardware-based cryptographic device that generates, stores and protects cryptographic keys and often provides hardware acceleration for cryptographic operations. The functionality of an HSM peripheral is the generation of secure data (secured by public key cryptography or PKI) for access over time and can provide additional physical security.

Threat identification

Analyzes both internal threats caused by checks and external threats.


Knowledge bases that use different levels for threat cataloguing.

Please check out our

Historical queries can be made through the data collector module.


The SIEM module catalogs vulnerabilities at different levels for the correction of threats.


Service Models

Our Time and Materials (T&M)

Nologin provides professional services specializing in different technologies in a mode of hours or days.

Possibility of hiring up to 1 year in Onsite mode.

Our Professional Services

Based on the scope and design defined with the client, a project is defined at a limited closed price.


  • Review of requirements and definition of scope
  • Architectural and project planning
  • Implementation of the solution
  • Validation and transfer/production startup

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