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Secure Passwordless Authentication

How to avoid security breaches due to loss of credentials

Join the future with no password

Take the burden of maintaining and managing password policies and reminding users to change their passwords periodically to protect their security. Eliminate a powerful attack vector by evolving your systems and applications towards a password-free future.

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How to avoid credential security breaches [Spoiler: Removing credentials]

The most serious, sophisticated and difficult to detect and contain cyberattacks are those in which valid credentials are used to access systems, since protection systems interpret these accesses as correct. What is the solution? Remove the traditional user/password system.

The passwordless solution offers a range of authentication methods (mobile app, desktop app, browser) that are used in combination with an application password, PIN code or biometric factor.

Passwordless solution is multi-channel and multi-device.

Secure authentication, for my customers or for my employees?

CIAM – Customer Identity Access Management
with Transmit Security

Access protection for the organization's customers with Transmit Security

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Passwordless for banking and financial services

Nologin is a European Banking Authority (EBA) compliant outsourced service provider (ESSP) applicable to financial institutions worldwide, investment firms, payment institutions and fintech companies.

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