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Office&Mail Suite

Speeds up corporate communications

Effective and adaptable communication

We integrate the services of telephony, unified messaging (the same inbox for e-mail, voice mail and fax), corporate instant messaging, conferences web and user status availability to support telework.

All this in a comprehensive and innovative experience for employees and staff who manage and maintain the infrastructure.

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We move your current mail platform to where you prefer

As a fundamental mark of service we perform mailbox migrations to the new platform. We perform mailbox migration with a comprehensive testing plan that minimizes risks and outages.

Microsoft Suite

Exchange + Office 365

We all know that Word and Excel are hard to replace, that's why we offer the complete Microsoft solution for your company.

Google Suite

Gmail + Documentos + Drive + Calendar

We migrate your email to the convenience of Google's ad-free interface and its collaborative editing tools for businesses.

Nologin Suite

Communigate + Onlyoffice

Integrate multiple third-party products for a complete mail infrastructure solution at a competitive price

Features of Nologin Suite

A single platform for your main work tools


Instant messaging


Group edition

Shared Files

IP telephony service

Integration with Microsoft and other products

The Nologin Suite solution, is able to integrate with products such as AD, Outlook, Calendars, or mobile clients from Exchange.

Advanced integration

In addition, the solution is able to integrate with other applications that customers may have, using the language CG/PL so that you can get access to all components and subsystems, facilitating and optimizing the integration with third parties.

Nologin Suite Office & Mail features: Online Editor

Group work software

Through the use of different client applications, compatible with protocols such as: CalDAV, CardDAV, MAPI, AirSync or XIMSS, it is possible to carry out group tasks, both calendar and room reservations, as well as the publication and sharing of text and spreadsheet files.


We review and design the architecture of the solution, checking from the hardware layer, to the balance of services, through all the software infrastructure.

In the case of our cloud solution, it is designed to support high service availability, with medium size server hardware, allowing between 10,000 to 200,000 users.

Installation types


  • Email
  • Instant messaging
  • Calendar
  • Edition of files in group
  • Shared Files
  • IP telephony service
  • Service provided on infrastructure and customer communications
  • Support 24/7 hours


  • Email
  • Instant messaging
  • Calendar
  • Edition of files in group
  • Shared Files
  • IP telephony service
  • Infrastructure and communications included
  • 100% delegated service

Meet tomorrow's challenges with Nologin