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MEM Multi Enhanced Module

Automate the processes of telecommunications services

Safely Automate Your Workflow

We live in a hyperconnected world. A complex and extensive network of digital relationships between people, devices and objects, which can be secure and manageable if you have an identity manager designed to grow. MEM is designed to provide the best tools to manage interactions among the millions of users, devices, services and online applications.

We verify who you are and from which device you log in. We ensure the digital identities of people, devices and objects online. We automate the processes of registrations and cancellations of new employees through a simple, safe and easy to use interface.

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Automated provisioning to simplify administration

MEM centralizes access management and ensures that each user has a single recognizable identity, both in the physical and virtual networks of the enterprise and in the cloud. It allows the provision of different services, among which are:



Virtual Machines





Run automatic workflows

Self-service Password management

Self-service password recovery allows users to restore their passwords or unlock their accounts without having to contact technical support. And because MEM distributes real-time password updates across all of its physical and virtual resources, the entire environment is maintenance-free.

Data Cleaning

MEM's role is to ensure compliance with general internal guidelines in the fields of data quality, including data analysis, cleansing, reconciliation and monitoring. This means that no user ceased to have access to the system will continue to exist, as they will be cleaned periodically.

Integration with SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) and access management

MEM integrates seamlessly into your security infrastructure. This integration, which is achieved through a standards-based structured event service, includes most of the SIEM (Information Management and Security Event Management) solutions from multiple vendors.

Cloud-Ready Identity Management Service

MEM is ready for use in high availability environments and with business continuity requirements.

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