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Identity & SSO Management

Unify your applications under a single credential

One account to manage everything

Customers can manage from the application’s life cycle to the provisioning of user accounts of software as a service, provide SSO for their business applications, and increase access controls with multi-factor authentication. They can also ensure access to social networks and shared accounts.

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A Single Login Screen

This allows us to focus our efforts on safety and security.

Secret Key

Applications that require authentication do not have access to the keys, as they are requested through SSO.

A Single Access Point For Databases

Security and maintenance in the face of changes considerably improves outcomes.

Easy to Use

Users do not need to authenticate each access to new applications.

Unified User Management

Users are managed from one central point.

Workflow Processes

Speeds up the registrations, cancellations and modifications of employees in different company applications.

More in-depth

Improve your infrastructure with Nologin

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  • Cost savings
  • Various provisions in a single product
  • Fast launch services
  • Reduction of risks
  • Balance
  • Scalability
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