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Outsourcing of computer services

Managed Services 24x7 - Technological infrastructure administration and management services

Trust the management of your IT infrastructure

The ICT Managed Services provide our customers with an integral solution for the administration and management of their IT infrastructure in a model that fully adapts to their needs.

We provide our customers with extensive knowledge and experience in different Data center technologies, allowing them to focus all their efforts on adding value to their business, while we manage their infrastructure.

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Work On Data: The best support for decision-making.

¿Do you know how many servers are running in your infrastructure? ¿Do you know how many LUNs are being underutilized ?. Work on Data is the customer portal developed by Nologin, which simplifies the management and improves the control and information available to your infrastructure, facilitating technological decisions.

WOD, our remote management software, is a solution that allows single point management of remote IT platforms for different services such as:

  • Monitoring.
  • Ticketing.
  • Technical and business reporting.
  • Documentation.
  • Configuration Management.
  • Contract Data.
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Focus your efforts on adding value to your business and not on the infrastructures that support it

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