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Payment gateway

Zero downtime tolerance

2017 - Nowadays

1000 millions

transactions per day

Zero tolerance


Operation 24/7

365 days



Challenge | Solutions for secure transactions in payment gateways

The challenge Nologin faces is to operate and manage a complex system of high availability and business continuity, with no interruption 24/7, with one of the most restrictive service standards in the sector.

The Results | Management and operation 24/7

Operation and management of more than 1 billion monetary transactions per day, kept secure from our customer terminal to the buyer. Nologin manages and operates the services 24/7 of the centralized transaction management systems, composed of:

  • Active monitoring of the platform to prevent errors before they occur.
  • Ticket system for incidents.
  • Management and operation 24/7.
  • Reporting Systems.
  • Disaster Recovery Systems.

For this reason, our customer has been able to keep up with its continued growth all these years, in an uncertain economic environment, ensuring its transactions and gaining the trust of new customers thanks to its excellent service.

About our client

Our customer is a world leader in the development of applications and the provision of electronic payment systems.

This company allows banks, companies and service providers to have full control and complete visibility of payment transactions, from the terminal to the buyer.

In your service network (gas stations, small and large businesses, etc), you needs an infrastructure with the highest level of availability, 24/7, in which the tolerance for service failures is zero, to ensure that monetary transitions have been carried out correctly no matter what happens.

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