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Private employment agency

Unlimited technological scalability

2016 - Nowadays

1,2 millions

contracts per year




to reduce

5 Millions

of customers per year

Challenge | Unlimited scalability

Every year new users appear in the network, new jobs, changes in databases... and we must always keep the systems ready to perform.

The challenge facing Nologin is to operate and manage a system whose complexity lies in the high scalability of the resources it needs. More than 5 million users entrust their CV to this service, and this number is always changing.

The Results | Operation and management of servers in constant adaptation

Operation and management of servers that have facilitated more than 1,205,731 contracts signed in 2016. The performance and reliability of the solution has also been enhanced by upgrading the identity management systems, equipping them with:

  • Active monitoring of the platform to prevent errors before they occur.
  • Ticket system for incidents.
  • Management and operation 24/7.
  • Reporting Systems.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Systems.

As a result, in part, of this constant adaptation of the needs of the infrastructure it supports, our customer has been able to keep up with its continued growth all of these years.

About our client

Our client is an online private employment agency, specialized in the Spanish market. This company has 200 employees, 5 million users and one commitment, to make it easy for all people to find the best possible employment opportunities. To accomplish this, it has a variety of online services for:

  • Accompany people throughout their professional careers.
  • Facilitate the recruitment of professionals and HR management in companies.

To achieve this, it needs to rely on infrastructure management that supports its scalability.

Management of Public and Hybrid Cloud platforms

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Data Center Management

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