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Data Center Solutions

Infrastructure built for the most demanding business needs.

A business is as agile as it’s IT infrastructure

Enjoy excellent scalability, simplified management and streamlined operations. Increase your flexibility and interoperability with programmable infrastructure based on open standards. Achieve all this with less risk and lower costs. Contact us.

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What can we do for your data center?

Nologin carries out various types of projects for the technological renewal of your company, getting involved in all aspects.

System Integration

Helping you with the hardware that will be used and the operating systems that suit you best.

Explore identity & SSO solutions
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Storage and Data

Providing the best usage options with your company’s data: storage, backups

Communications & Networks

Reviewing communications between different components: switches, balancers


Managing performance and adjusting databases

Explore Databases Solutions


Analyzing consolidation options for server virtualization

Explore VDI Solutions

More in-depth

Improve your infrastructure with Nologin