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Database Solutions

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Build infrastructure which assumes a strategic advantage and do it with the appropriate database. At Nologin, we are specialists in the administration and performance tuning of key databases, both relational and non-relational. We have extensive experience in managing of Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. All of this to store, manage, organize and protect your most important asset: your data.

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Are you ready for the “Big Data” revolution?

The future is already here. We can manage daily user data. We can now extract information that allows us a competitive advantage.

Start building your Big Data project for the long term, by making sure that you have the infrastructure and software now that will allow you to get the scalability, agility and flexibility your initiative will need in the future.


Defining new architectures. From the drawing board to the launch. Customize your systems to fit your needs, properly planning your growth capacity, with our help at every step of the way; from the very beginning up until you have implemented the best possible practices.

Migrations to new machines, to new platforms or cluster expansions with version updates for your servers and databases. Prevent your mission-critical operations from being down any longer than is absolutely necessary.

Application of official patches and version updates. Any change involves risk, but with our experience, we can reduce these to a minimum. We have extensive experience in Oracle RAC environments, DataGuard systems and passive-active 24x7 systems.

Design and implementation of backup systems. Our backup solutions offer comprehensive security solutions with the best products in the industry, and customized solutions. With clear and well-tested implementations, we leave nothing to chance.

Design and implementation of High Availability Systems and Business Continuity Solutions. We have extensive experience in the planning and development of critical systems in sectors such as telecommunications, banking and web services.

At Nologin we specialize in the administration and performance tuning of key databases. We have extensive experience in the management of Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Setting up database servers.

Monitoring, measuring performance and establishing ways to improve. We use the tools of the manufacturer (AWR Oracle), process traces or implementation plans, and tools that we have developed ourselves. We specialize in analyzing and making any necessary changes to improve database performance.

Adjusting database processes.

Process reengineering. From loading processes to data access analysis of applications. We offer the best methods to get the most from your systems.

SQL query performance review.

In specific cases it is necessary to delve into the SQL call level in order to guarantee a service response time or number of concurrent calls. At Nologin we know how to work with these issues, setting measurable objectives and adjusting the platform to meet your requirements.

System health checks.

Conducting audits allows us to verify that your system has no problems and allows you to accomplish your workload needs.

Following the ITIL methodologies, we handle the monitoring with proprietary products or using opensource tools. We manage the procedures necessary to maintain event, incident, problem, change and configuration management requirements.

We adapt to the resources currently owned by the client, fully managing the service, or acting as a second level support to help resolve complex system issues. As part of the service we interact with suppliers for manufacturer support and incident management, so that you can focus on what really matters (the your core of your business)

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