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Managed Cloud

don't worry about the management of Public and Hybrid Cloud platforms

You choose the cloud, we manage it.

The cloud is as complex as it is powerful. Our experts are certified in all leading cloud computing technologies, so you don't have to be.

"With our team of experts the deployment is much faster and in case of any incident we already know the solution. That, in an in-house team, would take weeks to resolve."

We manage public Cloud and hybrid platforms. The technologies we cover are:

Amazon AWS

Google cloud

Microsoft Azure

Kubernetes in any of its variants

Types of Managed Clouds

Public Clouds

Multi-owner environment with pay-per-use, ideal for heavy or unpredictable traffic.

Hybrid Clouds

Connect public clouds, private clouds and/or traditional dedicated servers for flexible and customized usage.

Private Clouds

The Private Cloud is a single-owner environment for maximum security.

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Whatever you want to do in the cloud, chances are we've already done it.

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Types of Managed Cloud Services

Infraestructure as a Service

Infrastructure As a Service (IAAS)

IAAS provides access to the processing infrastructure that allows customers to set up their own computing platform.

Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service (PAAS)

The PaaS model allows users to create applications using software tools provided by the supplier.

Desktops As a Service

Desktop As a Service (DAAS)

With DAAS, managed service providers, like Nologin, host the IT services for desktops. The company will no longer need local administration of upgrades for servers, hardware or software.

Software as a Service

Serverless & Software As A Service (SAAS)

The SAAS model is also known as "software on demand.” Instead a system where people purchase the software outright, SAAS allows for a subscription model. Twitter, Facebook, or Google, are examples of software on demand.

Gestión de soluciones cloud

Cloud Solutions Management

Management and organization of contracts and clients (tenants). Reporting and cost optimization.


Development & Operations (DevOps)

DevOps is a methodology that provides shorter software development cycles, higher frequency of implementation, more reliable releases, in close alignment with business objectives.



Use of Cloud integrated tools for monitoring. Use of free external tools for monitoring.



Use of Cloud integrated backup systems. Integration with third-party off-cloud backup.

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Always connected

The system can be managed in 24/7 by our Work On Data Cloud engineers. A ticketing system allows the customer to interact with Nologin to solve detected incidents.

Our Managed Services

Focus your efforts on adding value to your business and not on the infrastructures that support it

Our service philosophy

Identity Management

Infrastructure built for the most demanding business needs.

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Cybersecurity Managed

The key to security is anticipation. Cybersecurity experts, proactive and always at your side.

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Data Center Management

Your private cloud, in the hands of experts. Simplify the management and improve the control and information that you have of your infrastructure, to have more control in the technological decision making

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