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Next Generation Security Operations Center

IoT Security as a Service: IdC device vulnerability monitoring and management service, cost per use and under SLAs

Eliminate blind spots in your IoT cybersecurity strategy

In an IoT device environment (security cameras, scanners, etc.) there are comparatively many more elements than in a traditional IT environment and therefore a much larger potential attack surface. At the same time, they are usually legacy devices and do not have an operating system where an Endpoint Detection and Response can be installed, making them dead angles for the surveillance system.

Nologin's NEXT Generation SOC automatically performs discovery, categorization and risk calculation tasks on all devices without exception, eliminating infrastructure blind spots.

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Nologin's Next Generation SOC

Healthcare Sector
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Industry Sector

The healthcare, industrial or gurbamental sectors are the main ones that tend to have a hybrid IoT/oT device environment. Our goal is to decrease the detection and response time, moving from a traditional rules-based model to an automatic one based on information analytics. Having the Next Generation SOC offered by Nologin, gives you all the advantages of a dedicated next generation SOC, without the complexity. Cost per use and low SLA.

The security that includes your IoT devices

  • Quality backed by certifications ENS, ISO/IEC 27001 y 20000.
  • All the benefits of a dedicated SOC, without the complexity.
  • In cost-per-use and under SLA.
Infrastructure IoT Security

Take the first step to protect your IoT/oT infraestructure

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