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Computer Security Incident Response Team

Cost per use, under SLA, SIEM and Computer Security Incident Response Team

Protecting people, processes and information is protecting the business

Any organization, no matter the size, can be the target of a cyberattack. This is why zero risk cannot be guaranteed. The impact must be minimized and normal business activity restored as soon as possible, so that the business continues to function and the consequences on the organization and the bottom line are as small as possible.

Having a CSIRT dedicated to IT security helps organizations mitigate and prevent major incidents and protect their assets.

Having Nologin's CSIRTaaS gives you all the advantages of a dedicated CSIRT, without the complexity. Cost per use and under SLA.

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CSIRT as a Service by Nologin

Nologin's CSIRTaaS is the information security operations center responsible for performing analytical security (proactive and real-time threat detection) and operational security (vulnerability and incident management) activities.

It is provided in a multi-language format, in 24/7x365 support, combining threat intelligence and an automated response to security incidents, with a quality of service backed by certifications ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 20000, and the National Security Scheme at MEDIUM level.

CSIRT as a Service

  • Quality backed by certifications ENS, ISO/IEC 27001 y 20000.
  • All the benefits of a dedicated CSIRT, without the complexity.
  • In cost-per-use and under SLA.

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