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Automated Vulnerabilities Risk Management

Given a list of vulnerabilities, our system returns them as prioritized risk tasks

Prevention cannot be reactive

The attack surface is rapidly growing, constantly changing and increasingly interconnected. This poses a monumental challenge for security teams. Whether due to the number of disparate tools for measuring and managing risk, or the volume of items under management, it is more difficult than ever to quantify the impact of risk arising from cybersecurity on business.

Nologin Automated Vulnerabilities Management gives you a unified view of your entire cyber risk exposure, turning that intangible risk into concrete, prioritized tasks, so your team can perform the precise tasks to fix it before vulnerabilities are exploited.

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Nologin Automated Vulnerabilities Risk Management

Given a list of vulnerabilities, our system returns them as prioritized tasks by risk level for the company.

The platform is a set of containers that receive vulnerability information, used to feed an asset database and manage the lifecycle of vulnerabilities detected for each asset.

Entries - Vulnerabilities list

The set of input data containers is fed with:

  • Environmental assets, which can be obtained from different sources owned by the client. The client adds to the asset a criticality level and an associated responsible party.
  • Vulnerabilities in passive mode (without scanning the systems), obtained from common systems such as CISA and NIST.
  • Vulnerabilities in active mode (with scanning on the systems), obtained from the vulnerability scanning platform available to the client.
Nologin Risk Score
Nologin Risk Score
By assessing the severity, exploitability and impact of each vulnerability in an automated manner, security teams can allocate their limited resources effectively.

Processing - Vulnerability prioritization and unification under a Nologin Risk Score

Vulnerability prioritization is a critical process that ensures that the most important threats to your business are addressed first.

The system prioritizes 4 levels (P1, P2, P3, P4) based on a series of exploitability and severity values obtained from different data sources including: CVSS , EPSS , KEV , list of business-critical assets and assets exposed to Internet

The Results - Vulnerabilities converted to tickets with assigned priority

Para cada vulnerabilidad, se asocia un ticket para su tratamiento, realizando agrupaciones de activos y responsables, ordenados por criticidad. Esta integración puede realizarse con el IT Service Management (ITSM) software del cliente, y/o uno proporcionado por Nologin (JIRA).

Jira Task - Nologin Automated Vulnerabilities Risk Management
Periodically, the platform performs a validation check of the result of closed tickets, checking if the resolution has been effective, i.e. if the mitigation, patching, etc. has eliminated the vulnerability from the environment.

Nologin Automated Vulnerabilities Risk Management

From listing risks to eliminating them

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