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Train your defenses

Red Teams emulate attackers, using their same or similar tools, exploiting security vulnerabilities in the organization's systems and/or applications (exploits), pivoting techniques (jumping from one machine to another) and targets (systems and/or applications).

The Red Team's mission is to help an organization optimize its protection system against malicious attacks. Both in terms of detection and response.

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Examples of Red Team scenarios

Malicious Actor

Remote attacker

  • A third party or committed collaborator
  • Disgruntled or compromised employee
  • Competitiveness
  • Activist / Terrorist
  • Other Malicious Actors agreed with the Client

Intrusion Vector

Exploitation of a vulnerability

  • Social Engineering (including phishing)
  • Password guessing
  • WIFI or Ethernet
  • Remote Access or VPN
  • Leaked information (which could include user accounts)


Missions to achieve a target

  • Elevation of privileges
  • Commitment of objectives (ERP, Treasury, TO, SCADA, etc.)
  • Ransomware Deployment
  • Collection of sensitive information
  • Filtering/manipulation/sabotage of products (software, patents, etc.)
  • Forcing unauthorized payments or any other purpose agreed upon with the Customer

Red Team as a Service

Train your defenses. We will guide you to design a customized Red Team scenario

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