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Make the user a strong line of defense

Users are the preferred target of cyberattacks and the most vulnerable layer of the population.

The solution is to train and raise awareness of this line of defense, strengthening the most important security layer, the user .

How to achieve it? Through Nologin's Information Security training and awareness platform, which generates secure habits in end-users, with tracking and statistics of the evolution.

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Generate cyber secure habits in users

Nologin brings its extensive cybersecurity expertise to bear through its Awareness as a Service training and user awareness service.

We use predefined modules and content catalogs 100% editable to suit the culture of your organization and generate safe habits in end users.

We help you with audits and compliance, with activity tracking by user and system and administration logs.


Awareness as a Service

Take the first step to create safe habits in your employees

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Bonus: Improve the perception of the Cybersecurity area

Image of the Cybersecurity area Before​ After
Policies​ Rules prohibiting behaviors Guidelines for better work​
Technical controls​ A hindrance that restricts my actions​ Measures that provide peace of mind and guarantee protection​
Transparency​​ Low​ Medium / High​
Access / Communication​ Low​ Medium / High​​​
Value delivery​ -​ Medium / High​​​
Scope​ Within the organization​ Learning within the organization that extends outside the organization, for everyday life​​​​

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