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Gobierno de Aragón - AST

Integral solution for the management, analysis, retention and correlation of logs of the IT infrastructure


+ 46.000


337 millones

de eventos al día



Nivel preventivo

minimiza riesgo empresarial

The Challenge | Dar información útil

  • Implement a comprehensive solution for the management, analysis, retention and correlation of IT infrastructure logs in a non-homogeneous system, integrating with the National Security Scheme (ENS), specifically with Listado Unificado de Coordinación de Incidentes y Amenazas (LUCIA).
  • Integrate IBM QRADAR with the infrastructure so diverse that it includes areas such as health, justice, education, etc., that possess a non-homogeneous infrastructure.
  • Compliance with the ENS, integrating with the tools of the CCN-CERT, through the development in collaboration with CSA -developers of LUCIA- of a tool that integrates QRADAR and LUCIA.
  • Adequacy of the technical capabilities of the product to customer expectations, with customizations through scripts and API queries.
“Nologin with QRadar was the best solution between all the candidates, meeting all the technical criteria — quality, provisioning, resource utilization, the whole infrastructure .”
María Eugenia Pamplona Falomir, Security Project Manager, Aragonesa de Servicios Telemáticos

The Results | Reducción del riesgo operativo

The Government of Aragon has made substantial progress with this project in complying with its legal obligations in the area of NHS. All those security events are known to occur and AST can manage and resolve them in an agile and appropriate manner, reducing risks.

Nologin currently continues to manage the platform, improving every day the filtering of alerts and the operation of security events to get the relevant information for the service.

Thanks to the developments carried out, IBM QRADAR has become the SIEM that allows compliance with legislation and integration into the ENS.

“ Before, we did not have all of this information. Now we know in a moment what is going on, and if we need to react. ”
Óscar Torrero Ladrero,Technology and Systems Director, Aragonesa de Servicios Telemáticos

About our client | Aragonesa de Servicios Telemáticos

La institución del Gobierno de Aragón posee más de 46.000 empleados*, cuyas infraestructuras de soporte generan más de 337 millones de eventos** procesados al día.

Aragonesa de Servicios Telemáticos(AST), is a public law entity whose mission is to provide high value services and solutions in the field of information and telecommunications technologies and services to the Administration of the Autonomous Community of Aragon and the public administrations dependent on it.

The Government of Aragon, in ORDER IIU/2325/2017, of 21 December, commissions AST to carry out tasks for the "Securisation and evolutionary maintenance of Electronic Administration tools" within the Aragon 2014-2020 ERDF Operational Programme - "Building Europe from Aragon". AST relied on Nologin to carry out this task .

*July 2018, **log-only

“Nologin gave us their experience, their solution, their methodology. It was very important to get a technology expert like them to help us. They did a great job.”
Oscar Torrero, Technology and Systems Director, Aragonesa de Servicios Telemáticos

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